Premade Book Covers

1) Do Sell The Book Cover I Brought After I Buy It?

No, every Premade book cover is sold exclusively to the person who buys it.  Once bought, we will take off our store.

2) What type of formats do you create eBook covers for?

We do covers that can be sold in  all the major eBook retailers.  We do eBooks for Kindle, Createspace, Lulu, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo,  We also can create covers for eBooks in mobi, epub, and pdf.

3) Can You Change The Title or Author Name for Me?

Yes, we can! We can change the Title and Name for no extra charge. Just contact us at customerservice@missmatchmedia.  Also Included with your purchase, we also offer include the original PSD file where you can change the Title and Author Name prefer to do yourself.

4) Do You Offer illustrated Book Covers?

No, we only specialize in photo manipulation.

Custom Book Covers

1)  Do You Create Custom Book Covers?

Yes, we do.  If you are interested in buying a custom book cover you can contact us at design@missmatchmedia.com .

2) How Much Do You Charge For Custom Book Covers?

The price for a custom book cover starts from $150 and up. It also depends on which stock images you want, and if we already own the licenses for them. If we don’t own the images, we will have the charge our base price plus the price of the stock image license.